How to evaluate the effectiveness of an aerator

How to evaluate the effectiveness of an aerator

Additional aeration increases fish stocks and heals the water in lakes and ponds, preventing blooming.  You need to choose an aerator so that its power matches the size and needs of your particular pond.  Let’s take a look at the SAE indicator, which will help navigate the efficiency of a particular aerator model


The efficiency of the aerator is checked using an oxygen transfer test, which consists of two stages


  1. Preparation of water for the dough: to remove free oxygen, sodium sulfite and a reaction catalyst cobalt chloride are added to the water tank


  1. Aerator Test: The amount of oxygen in the water is measured every hour until it reaches 70% -80%. To calculate the standard efficiency of the aerator, a number of other indicators are taken into account: the temperature of the water, the volume of oxygenated water, the amount of energy consumed per hour and the amount of oxygen transferred per unit of time


Thus, SAE is the amount of oxygen with which the aerator saturates water without impurities with zero dissolved oxygen at a temperature of 20 ° C per hour.  Typically SAE ranges from 0.5-2.5 kg O2 / kWh


But the figure obtained in laboratory conditions is rarely achievable in real life.  Just like the fuel consumption in a car, the efficiency of the aerator depends on the actual working conditions.  There is no water without impurities, the temperature will not always be 20 ° C, and it is difficult to find a free of oxygen pond.  Nevertheless, the indicator is useful for comparison and selection of an aerator – a device with a higher SAE will saturate the water more efficiently under any initial parameters

We provide a table that displays the actual results of aerator operation depending on temperature and initial oxygen content

Starting oxygen concentration in water, mg / l.10°C15°C20°C25°C30°C

Thus, at 15 ° C and 3 mg / L dissolved oxygen, calculated for 1 kg oxygen per hour, the aerator will provide only 64% of the stated saturation level or about 0.64 kg oxygen per hour (1 kg x 64 percent = 0.64 kg).  The same device at a temperature of 25 ° C and 5 mg / l of dissolved oxygen will give only 35% or about 0.35 kg of oxygen per hour

And in the next article we will show what indicators can be achieved if you install the Green Stream aerator – we are just finishing the tests, the results will pleasantly  shock you.  In general, don’t switch.

 Green Stream Team