Practical experience of using the aerator in winter

Practical experience of using the aerator in winter

In our previous blog, we shared our experience with you – how quickly our aerators are able to wash away ice and create an open water surface. Today we will tell and show you the practical use of our aerators in winter.

The client has an aerator with a capacity of 1.1 kW., the temperature outside is -17 C., the flow is directed to the pit where the fish is stayed in winter (depth is about 3-4 meters). Thanks to the unique design of the aerator, we can adjust the depth of the aerator, in this case it is 1m.

Here a more powerful 1.5 kW aerator was installed for the client, at the time of filming it was -18C. frost, due to the rare species of ducks winter on the lake and for their convenience (the presence of a large hole), the working depth of the aerator is set at 0.6 meters.

In this case, the client had an aerator with a capacity of 0.75 kW, a frosty sunny day and -17C air temperature. The design is very simple, so the client adjusts the working depth by himself, his aerator was set to a depth of 1 meter.

As you can see, our devices work all year round in winter and summer! We hope you find this information interesting and useful.


Green Stream Team