Cavitation aerator

New generation of aerators for small and large ponds

What is the submersible cavitation aerator?

Comparison with other types of aerators

What is the submersible cavitation aerator?

Comparison with other types of aerators

Cavitation Aerator

Surface aerators

Surface aerators (fountain and paddle type) cope well with the oxygenation of the upper layers of the water.


  • can’t provide the vertical mixing of water to destroy the thermocline and oxygenate the bottom layers of water
  • not effective in winter: icing of the blades leads to breakage of surface aerators
Cavitation Aerator

Compressor aerators

Aerators that use compressors to pump air into the bottom layers of water and to form vertical bubble flows are usually used for small ponds up to 0.1 hectares in size. Their undoubted advantages: low price and low power consumption.


  • no horizontal water flow is created in the pond
  • the compressor needs to be insulated in winter
  • The efficiency of the compressors is low: when air is compressed, 40-50% of the energy is spent on its useless heating
Cavitation Aerator

Ejector aerators

The main advantage of such aeration system is that oxygenized water is distributed over the entire area of the pond, the current eliminates local zones of stagnant water, and fish can always leave the stagnant zones. Ejector aerators can operate throughout the year without restrictions. They are used in large ponds.


  • high price
  • high power consumption

Green Stream Aerator

GreenStream Aerators – are submersible ejectors with a cavitation super-ventilation mode.

Advantages in comparison with the classic ejector:

  • High oxygen solubility in water due to cavitation treatment
  • Water ionization
  • Circular currents in the pond allow oxygen to be evenly distributed throughout the entire volume
  • Surface water spray nozzle increases oxygenation of the upper layers of the pond
  • Can be floating or bottom attached, depending on the bottom structure and the customer’s wishes

The valve prevents water from freezing in the air supply duct during a power outage in winter



It is most effective and even necessary to use the Green Stream Aerator at night, when the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water sharply decreases.

The duration of the work is determined by the problem that needs to be solved with aeration. For example, fish farms resort to aeration based on the intensity of the ponds usage, from switching on at night from 10 pm to 8 am, to working without switching off for several months.

Green Stream aerators with a capacity of 0.37 kW. up to 2.2 kW. can increase dissolved oxygen in a pond to a maximum, depending on temperature, atmospheric pressure, degree of water turbulence, salinity, etc

Buying the Green Stream Aerator, the owner of the pond receives a full range of services:

— initial consultation;

— on-site visit of specialists;

— water analysis before installing the aerator;

— installation and start-up of the aerator;

—  repeated control analysis of water in 2-3 weeks, if necessary – adjusting the aeration mode;  

— support and consulting, warranty service of Green Stream aerators.

Thus, the owner of the pond only needs to connect and disconnect the Green Stream aerator to the mains.

The technical characteristics of the aerators have been repeatedly confirmed by tests on real objects, for example, on the basis of the Nivka Institute of Fisheries NAANU, as well as in laboratory conditions by the company’s specialists.

The Green Stream Aerator advantage is the innovative technology that allows:

— effectively oxygenize the pond with a high percentage of dissolution of air;

— destroy blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) with low energy costs;

— dissolve the oxygen until the complete saturation;

— mix the layers of water vertically and horizontally;

— make the aerator energy efficient;

— decrease the price by 50-80% lower than that of imported counterparts.

The developers have provided the ability to work even at extremely low temperatures.

Moreover, Green Stream Aerators should be used in winter: they will provide fish with oxygen and prevent the complete freezing of the reservoir, forming an opening with a diameter of 5-15 meters, depending on the capacity.

Cavitation Aerator

Andrey Kolesnikov


Product line and prices

Submersible aerators Green Stream are produced with the power from 0.37 to 1.5 kW, their technical characteristics are confirmed in real operating conditions in the reservoirs of fish farms.

The efficiency of Green Stream aerators is 1.8 kg of dissolved oxygen per 1 kW/h.

0 ha

0.37 kW

650 $

0 ha

0.75 kW

720 $

0 ha

1.1 kW

780 $

0 ha

1.5 kW

850 $